• Written about 119 minutes ago
    Five Run Fifth Sends Saints To Season Tying High Fifth Straight Loss, 5-3 https://t.co/uAbkM2QxWg https://t.co/CswYccHn4G via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 4 hours ago
    And we just come here to have our ego fed. It's a beneficial relationship for all of us. https://t.co/zl1ASsqlcd via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 4 hours ago
    And who says he hasn't from time-to-time. https://t.co/zsdQxe5Yif via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 4 hours ago
    We've turned it over to Dr. Ruth. https://t.co/6yv1bkgdNp via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 4 hours ago
    Trail 5-2 Bottom 6. At this rate instead of reporting scores we will now turn into a dating advice account. What could go wrong there. via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 5 hours ago
    RBI 1B @GoldGlover2B up 2-0 B4. Think @BonnieTOfficial recorded "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in anticipation of eclipse next week? Probably via @StPaulSaints
Getting to CHS Field

Part-Time Operations Staff

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with the Facility Operations Manager/Operations Assistants in the areas of facility operations and daily ballpark operations.
  • Daily cleaning of restrooms throughout the ballpark, Saints offices, service level corridor, club level, and other areas as needed.
  • Waste removal throughout the ballpark
  • Daily cleaning of outdoor areas (Broadway St., 4th St., Concourse, Bullpens, Dugouts etc.) Set up and tear down of events in the club, as well as events elsewhere in the ballpark. Also responsible for waste removal and cleaning during events.
  • Other Duties as Assigned