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    Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Don’t forget that May 26th is Dog Day at CHS Field presented by @ChuckandDons 🐶⚾️☀️ https://t.co/yIp5310yxO via @StPaulSaints
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    We would like to wish pitcher Mark Hamburger the best of luck this season. He will be playing for the @NewBritainBees in the @AtlanticLg via @StPaulSaints
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    We want to wish first baseman Dan Johnson good luck in Mexico this year. Season gets started today. #CrushIt via @StPaulSaints
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    Get an exclusive “Mudonnasaurus” t-shirt when you purchase a Stranger Things Night ticket package.… https://t.co/h9tjVctfdx via @StPaulSaints
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Getting to CHS Field

Entertainment Team

For Mike Veeck, co-owner of the St. Paul Saints, baseball is all about fun -- and the PA's and Field Correspondents who make up the CHS Entertainment team know it.  That's why during every home, they adhere to three of Mr. Veeck's  most prominent philosophies:

  • It's all about the fans
  • Be accessible 
  • Have fun with it

Whether it's behind the plate doing play-by-play, on the field hosting some crazy promotion, or out in the stands talking to the fans, this team of seasoned professionals knows how to have fun. Why? As Mike Veeck says, "Fun is Good!"

ush·er ·tain·er

/ˌəSHər ˈtānər/

noun: ushertainer; plural noun: ushertainers.

1a person, such as a singer, dancer, or comedian, exclusively found at CHS Field, whose job is to entertain the crowd.

2. a cheerleader, whose job is to get St. Paul Saints' baseball fans engaged and keep them smiling and laughing, rain or shine.

3.  a character who brings joy and laughter to everyone, young and old, to make their Lowertown ballpark experience even more memorable.

4. an entertainer who plays a larger-than-life version of their real-life counterparts!

see: Athletic Aerosaltant, Field Funambulist


Mudonna-GO.jpgShe's the divine swine, the diva of the diamond, the duchess of pork, she's St. Paul's own...MUDONNA!
Since her rookie year in 2003, Mudonna has become a well loved resident of St. Paul who adds a ton of fun with her bacon shaking antics at CHS Field. Mud, as she's affectionately known, loves to appear at birthday parties, parades, events and more. Based on the nature of the event, a small fee may apply. 

Mud wants to be the most famous pig in cyberspace! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and become her Facebook friend!

Full name:  Mudonna T Pig
Saints debut:  May 2003
Age:  A lady never tells
Weight:  How rude!
Position:  Center of attention
Throws: Occasional tantrums
Bats:  Her eyelashes
Catches: Colds

Have a question for the divine swine? Want an autographed baseball card? Drop her an email.

Alternative Fats Pig-small.png

Alternative Fats will enter the field each game like no other pig before him, with a white ground covering draped from his mansion-style pigpen to home plate for the billions of Saints fans to shower him with love and admiration.  Alternative Fats will be so HUUUUGE it will make all other pigs jealous.  Alternative Fats will go down in the pantheon of the greatest mascot names in the history of sports and we know a thing or two about great sports mascots.  Welcome to the Saints Orwellian version of Animal Farm.

unnamed.jpgLee has been acting and directing professionally since the age of 15. Locally, he is best known for being the founder of The Mystery Cafe Comedy Dinner Theater, where he has been owner and Artistic Director since 1989. He has been seen on stage at theaters all over the Twin Cities and on the East Coast. He also has many Television and film credits, and does radio and voice-over work. He is an avid fisherman and lover of the outdoors, and actually gave up his summertime job as a fishing guide in the BWCAW to join the Saints. He has been married to the love of his life, Laura for 23 years. They have three awesome kids, an awesome dog and a cat, who is frankly, kind of a jerk.


On the field, Nicholas is your go-to source for up-to-the-second updates on what's happening on the field, in the dugout, and nearish to the concession stands. Armed with only a microphone, a somewhat-failing earpiece and his trusty hat, he will provide you with everything you need to know, provided you have ears to listen.


Off the field, Nicholas plays with ComedySportz Twin Cities on the weekends when not at Midway Stadium and works full-time at the University of Minnesota. When not doing any of those things, he often performs as an actor at various theaters around the cities.


Brian takes his job as correspondant very seriously. He is quizmaster, game show host, and roving reporter all crammed into one polyester blazer. He's easy to spot in his blindingly white shoes, so it you see him, be sure to say "hi," because he loves meeting the fans.

 Brian has been an actor and comedian for 20-some years, most notably performing in Triple Espresso, ComedySportz, The Mystery Cafe, and numerous TV and radio commercials. In addition to his role as correspondant, he also serves as The Saints' Entertainment Director.

Andrew-Crowley.jpgSeated on his perch, high above the fans along the 3rd baseline, Andrew Crowley has the perfect vantage point to bang out tunes appropriate for any hitter, pitcher or situation. His musical choices make the fans dance in the aisles and sing at the top of their lungs. The festive attitude make players relax on the diamond and that relaxation enables them to play better, leading the team to a championship in 2004, Crowley's second season with the team.

When Crowley isn't at CHS Field he has his finger on the pulse of the music scene in the Twin Cities. He runs a full service recording studio, Organica Recording and has been a keyboardist at Comedy Sportz TC since 2001. His music career was put on the national map with the band Fat Tuesday in the 90's (if you go on you tube you can find some of their videos).

Crowley lives in St.Paul with his wife Danielle and daughter's Edith, Olive and Agatha.

To inquire about singing the National Anthem, or if you have a band that wants to play pre-game out on Broadway St. at our front gate, email Andy at acrowley@saintsbaseball.com.

Seigo1.jpgSeigo Masubuchi is the President of Japan Division of A Muse, Inc., communication and consulting firm focusing on the Japanese businesses. Since his arrival in Minnesota from Japan in 1990, Seigo, a native of Tokyo, has been helping many organizations and individuals to succeed dealing with the Japanese. One of such organizations is the Saint Paul Saints. Seigo, who wanted to "expose" the Saints phenomena to the Japanese, arranged an interview with Mike Veeck for Japanese media in 1995. Since then, Seigo had worked as a Japanese player and media coordinator/interpreter until he became the Director of International Development five years ago and for the last ten years, an on-field entertainer. Seigo is our international Ambassador of Fun.

Seigo's other sports related business involvement include; worked as an coordinator/interpreter for the Minnesota Vikings Football team's pre season game in Japan in 1994; helped to relocate ex-Minnesota Twins baseball player Dan Gladden and his family to Japan. Gladden played for the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants; has worked as an agent/coordinator to promote the USA Cup Soccer Tournament, one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the world, at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN to the Japanese.


Gert the Flirt is one of a kind who loves to entertain the fans at the Saints with her winning smile and her outrageouspersonality. She has her own family entertainment company called A Barrel of Laughs, imagine that! She started out as a professional clown named Kelly the Klown and has performed well over a thousand childrens birthday parties, singing telegrams, corporate events, picnics, doing comedy magic shows, face painting and amazing balloon sculpting.

She developed Gert the Flirt in 2008 and has been recognized more when she started working with the Saints in 2011. Her passion for making people laugh all comes with her love for people of all ages 0-110. She fancies the guys ofcourse and with her bold lipstick doesn't mind kissing cheeks and singing her rap songs for anyone who listens. Her baton twirling and hula hooping keep her young and in shape well as best as she can anyway.

Don't be shy to ask her to entertain you with your family and friends she loves to visit those who have birthdays, anniversaries and bachelor and bacherlette groups. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Hire her for your next event it will be memorable!!


COACH1.jpgYou had better make sure you are ready to get in shape if the Coach spots you being lazy in the stands! Whether its jumping jacks, deep-knee bends, jogging in place, or just getting you fired up for the game, the coach will get you going.

When not coaching the fans at Midway Stadium, Steve keeps busy teaching science and coaching three sports at Tartan High School in Oakdale, as well as coaching his two sons in numerous life activities. He lives in Shoreview with his wife Michelle and sons Jackson and Tanner.

Nerd31.jpgKristoffer Olson is The Nerd...or maybe The Nerd is Kristoffer Olson.  Make all the jokes you want, it is obvious he is having a blast. Fans love his awkward dance moves, quirky baseball cheers, and just plain talking to The Nerd, as he rarely breaks character during a game.

Kristoffer is no stranger to making people laugh. He has studied improv comedy at Duddley Riggs' Brave New Workshop, and once secretly audited a comedy class taught by NPR's Garrison Keillor. If you don't see him at a game, chances are he is still making people laugh somewhere. Kristoffer's full-time job is as a comedy magician. He performs over 150 shows per year for colleges, corporate banquets, fairs and festivals.

For more information about who The Nerd really is, visit www.KristofferOlson.com.

After years of watching her real-life sweetie play "The Nerd" at the Saints, Erinn Liebhard was invited to play "Nerdette" during 2014's "Nerd Night." She was just so darn lovable that "Nerdette" was welcomed into the Entertainment Team! Erinn is a Twin Cities-based dance artist and performer passionate about creating opportunities for
people to experience the embodiment of music. She also loves to improvise, so her sense of physical comedy lends itself well to being "Nerdette"!

She is the Artistic Director of Rhythmically Speaking, a jazz and American vernacular dance supporting and presenting organization, and an active choreographer and performer, working with companies and
independent artists in our fair cities and beyond. Erinn is a dedicated dance educator and scholar, and graduate of the U of M and
University of Colorado Boulder dance programs (BFA and MFA respectively). She enjoys cultivating the love of dance among her students at Winona State University and through her work as a member of the Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts' Teaching Artist Roster. www.erinnliebhard.com.

unnamed.jpgThe Chef is excited to meet you! He might not understand the rules of baseball, but he is determined to improve the standards of ballpark food to meet his strict (and ridiculous) culinary standards. He'll do his best to help you enjoy the game. Go Saints! Kick that ball into the goal!


Dan Rooney, not surprisingly, lives off of France Avenue across the river. He is a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and enjoyed a national tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus. He is a twenty year veteran of theatre in the Twin Cities, including being a company member of Mystery Cafe since 1995. He recently starred in the national debut of "Righteous," the story of the Righteous Brother, at St. Croix Off Broadway Theatre.


An engineer with a love of baseball, you'll see Al Aboard at many St.Paul Saints games (if it fits into his train schedule). A loveable, but sometimes befunddled engineer, Al aboard really boosts the Saints fans spirits! If the team is down a few runs, you can count on Al Aboard to blow his whistle and gather fans to join his "RALLY TRAIN!" You'll definitley get on board with Al's brand of FUN!


Tim is an actor, emcee, and improviser. He received his improv training with the Brave New Workshop and was a longtime performer and teacher with Stevie Ray's Improv Company. You can see Tim doing improv at the BNW Student Union and HUGE Theatre. As an emcee, he works for Midway Stadium's Neighbor, the Minnesota State Fair as their parade announcer and host of the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest Semi-finals and Finals. Tim has also appeared in Actors Theatre of Minnesota's productions of Bob's Holiday Office Party, Flanagan's Wake, The Comedy Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge, and Rounding Third.


Rick Logan was born with a microphone in his hand, calling his own birth in the delivery room, and interviewing the doctor, the nurse, and a nearby janitor en route. One of the proudest moments while corresponding at Saints games has been commenting ON the tire race while taking part IN it- and coming in 3rd in a 4 tire race.


Rick has performed on the main stage at Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop, as well as The Mystery Cafe, the Bryant Lake Bowl, Hidden Theater, and Theatre L'Homme Dieu. He is also a stand up comedian and was awarded Funniest Person in the Twin Cities, but that was back in 2008.