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    Saints July 31 Game Brought To You By The Letters "C" And "S" As First 1,500 Fans Will Receive Astro The Grouch Tal… https://t.co/1SNnU8DHci via @StPaulSaints
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Getting to CHS Field

Entertainment Team

ush·er ·tain·er

/ˌəSHər ˈtānər/

noun: ushertainer; plural noun: ushertainers.

1a person, such as a singer, dancer, or comedian, exclusively found at CHS Field, whose job is to entertain the crowd.

2. a cheerleader, whose job is to get St. Paul Saints' baseball fans engaged and keep them smiling and laughing, rain or shine.

3.  a character who brings joy and laughter to everyone, young and old, to make their Lowertown ballpark experience even more memorable.

4. an entertainer who plays a larger-than-life version of their real-life counterparts!

see: Athletic Aerosaltant, Field Funambulist

For Mike Veeck, co-owner of the St. Paul Saints, baseball is all about fun -- and the PA's, Field Correspondents and Ushertainers who make up the CHS Entertainment team know it.  That's why during every home game, they adhere to three of Mr. Veeck's  most prominent philosophies:

  • It's all about the fans
  • Be accessible
  • Have fun with it

Whether it's behind the plate doing play-by-play, on the field hosting some crazy promotion, or out in the stands talking to the fans, this team of seasoned professionals knows how to have fun. Why? As Mike Veeck says, "Fun is Good!"


Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.10.50 PM.png

Lee has been acting and directing professionally since the age of 15. Locally, he is best known for being the founder of The Mystery Cafe Comedy Dinner Theater - which he opened, owned and operated from 1989 to 2016. He has been seen on stage at theaters all over the Twin Cities,  the East Coast in many Television and film credits, and radio and voice-over work. He is an avid fisherman and lover of the outdoors, and actually gave up his summertime job as a fishing guide in the BWCAW to join the Saints where he has served as PA for the past six seasons and co-hosts "SAINTS LIVE" (which can be seen on Facebook 2.5 before the first pitch on home game days). He has been married to the love of his life, Laura for 23 years. They have three awesome kids, an awesome dog and a cat, who is frankly, kind of a jerk.


Nicholas has been a professional actor in the Twin Cities for over 15 years now, working with numerous theatre companies in town. He is a huge baseball fan, and loves introducing the game and this fantastic team to his young son, who occasionally attends games. Alongside his partners Lee and Rita, Nicholas' favorite place to be is CHS field on a summer night, with some of the best fans to ever watch the game. 

Inside the ballpark, Rita takes her job as PA *very* seriously. Of course, "job" = mumbling things off-mic to Lee, trying to get him to mispronounce things. It is a solid partnership. There is no I in TEAM! Unless you pronounce it "time"...which...will hopefully happen.

Outside the ballpark, Rita is has been a professional improviser for over 15 years. She is a company member at ComedySportz-Twin Cities and performs weekly with Show X and The Mess at HUGE Theater where she also teaches, directs and coaches extensively. She is often trusted to memorize scripts as well, even write one or two, but that involves a lot of panic-sweat.

And though she will race and openly mock the Drone here at CHS...she is definitely afraid it is tracking her and will someday retaliate. You know, like all robots.

Erin Graphic.jpg

Erin is thrilled to be with the Saints Entertainment Team for her 3rd Summer! A self proclaimed baseball nerd and die hard Red Sox fan (and Saints of course) she lives and breathes the game of baseball. She was featured on the MLB Fan Cave in the episode of “Boston Ink” with Jonny Gomes and dreamt about being the first female pro ball player as a kid. Wanna have a catch?  From New England originally, she moved to the tundra 3 years ago by way of NYC (just try being a Sox fan there). As an actor she performs regularly with The Mystery Cafe,  and The Chicago Avenue Project, teaches acting and has several commercials running. Erin has her MFA from Penn State University, and is a proud member of AEA. check out more at www.erin-roberts.com 


Brian "White Shoes" Kelly is a quizmaster, game show host, and roving reporter all crammed into one Saints-blue blazer. He's easy to spot in his blindingly white shoes, so it you see him, be sure to say "hi," because he loves meeting the fans.

Brian has been an actor/writer/director for 20-some years. He is the owner/artistic director of The Mystery Cafe (The Twin Cities' Original Comedy Whodunnit Dinner Theater) and served as Entertainment Director for the St. Paul Saints from 2013 to 2018. As an actor, he has performed with Triple Espresso, ComedySportz, Tony & Tina's Wedding and appeared in numerous TV and radio commercials. 

A relative newcomer to the world of professional sports, Joshua possesses a first and last name that are both nouns and verbs.  It's through both good-natured banter and the act, process of experience of volition that Joshua has written, performed and produced comedy for the stage, screen (big and small) and print - including his first Children's Book for Adults, The Alternative Animal Alphabet - for over 20 years.

Did you know?  As a third-baseman, Joshua once executed an unassisted triple-play (T-Ball, 1977).   For more information, please visit www.joshuawill.com

Andrew-Crowley.jpgSeated on his perch, high above the fans along the 3rd baseline, Andrew Crowley has the perfect vantage point to bang out tunes appropriate for any hitter, pitcher or situation. His musical choices make the fans dance in the aisles and sing at the top of their lungs. The festive attitude make players relax on the diamond and that relaxation enables them to play better, leading the team to a championship in 2004, Crowley's second season with the team.

When Crowley isn't at CHS Field he has his finger on the pulse of the music scene in the Twin Cities. He runs a full service recording studio, Organica Recording and has been a keyboardist at Comedy Sportz TC since 2001. His music career was put on the national map with the band Fat Tuesday in the 90's (if you go on you tube you can find some of their videos).

Crowley lives in St.Paul with his wife Danielle and daughter's Edith, Olive and Agatha.

To inquire about singing the National Anthem, or if you have a band that wants to play pre-game out on Broadway St. at our front gate, email Andy at acrowley@saintsbaseball.com.

Al Aboard 2015 copy.jpg

An engineer with a love of baseball, you'll see Al Aboard at many St.Paul Saints games (if it fits into his train schedule). A loveable, but sometimes befunddled engineer, Al aboard really boosts the Saints fans spirits! If the team is down a few runs, you can count on Al Aboard to blow his whistle and gather fans to join his "RALLY TRAIN!" You'll definitley get on board with Al's brand of FUN!

Tim is an actor, emcee, and improviser. He received his improv training with the Brave New Workshop and was a longtime performer and teacher with Stevie Ray's Improv Company. As an emcee for many local events, he's probably best-known as the Minnesota State Fair's parade announcer and host of the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest Semi-finals and Finals. Tim has also appeared in Actors Theatre of Minnesota's productions of Bob's Holiday Office Party, Flanagan's Wake, The Comedy Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge, Rounding Third, Bye-Bye Liver (The Twin Cities Drinking Play) and Deer Camp the Musical. Most recently, he joined the cast of The Mystery Cafe's original show: Let's Kill The Boss.


Belle of the Ballpark is a real-life honest-to-goodness princess, sort of. She prefers ballparks over royal balls, hot dogs over caviar, fly balls over flying dragons, and sneakers over glass slippers. She loves taking pictures with friends and getting junior prince and princesses excited about her Saint Paul Saints. Don’t worry; she’s always on guard in case any pesky dragons show up.

Lisa Fulton has been a part of the Saints' Entertainment team since 2004. She took a few years off to perform in 6 National Tours of Sesame Street Live as a Ernie, Grover and many more! In addition to Sesame she has also worked for the National Tours of Paw Patrol Live, My Little Pony Live touring the US and beyond. Lisa can also be found performing with Actors Theater of MN and any other Twin Cities theatre company that’s willing to put her on stage!

The Chef 2015 copy.jpg

The Chef is excited to meet you! He makes all the food at CHS Field. Well, actually, his minions make the food as he is far too important to work that hard. The Chef is thrilled to use his questionable French culinary training in creating his delicious hot dogs and nachos. If you do not love his food he will let you know that you are wrong. The Chef’s phony French background makes him adept at creating love connections between patrons, often involving unsuspecting teenagers.

Dan Rooney, a native of Cleveland, is a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and enjoyed a national tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus. He is a twenty five year veteran of theatre in the Twin Cities, playing in theatres such as Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Old Log, and Dudley Riggs’ Brave New Workshop, and has been a company member of Mystery Café since 1994. He and his beautiful wife Susan have three kids and live in Edina. For The Chef's videos, pictures, and contact information, please visit his website at http://www.mcrooneyentertainment.com/the-chef/

Coach 2015 copy.jpg

You had better make sure you are ready to get in shape if the Coach spots you being lazy in the stands! Whether its jumping jacks, deep-knee bends, jogging in place, or just getting you fired up for the game, the coach will get you going.

When not coaching the fans at CHS Field, Steve keeps busy teaching and coaching at Tartan High School in Oakdale, as well as coaching his two sons in numerous life activities. He lives in Shoreview with his wife Michelle and sons Jackson and Tanner.

Dawn Under Graphic (1).jpg

June-August is winter in Australia, so Dawn Under escapes by coming up north and exploring CHS field. What she lacks in baseball knowledge she makes up for with her adventurous spirit. She particularly enjoys the silly Minnesotan accents. Her favorite memory was attempting to catch a bat that was flying around home plate. He clearly misunderstood exactly what kind of bats are needed in baseball. 

Brittany spends her days working at a Minneapolis software company. She is an active performer at various theaters in the Twin Cities and greater area.

Gert 2015 copy.jpg

Gert joined the entertainment team in 2010. She certainly is one of a kind and has many followers. Gerts fans adore her and she has been quite busy with the celebrations that are ongoing during the season. She has had mini Gerts attend the games to help cheer the Saints on. 

 Her outrageous personality and unique talent brings much joy and laughter into the mix. All ages are curious when she strolls about. She takes her time to greet as many fans as she can, and twerk about while she raps about the Saints. She may even twirl her cane or blow bubbles in the air. But look out on hot nights, you just might see a water balloon or two.

Gert is available and ready to perform and entertain for groups that are in need of meet and greets. She is currently preparing to do standup comedy. So be watching for her around the metro area. You can reach her on facebook.  


MissA copy.jpg

Miss Adventure is happy to be the resident Super Hero for the St. Paul Saints.It’s taken many, many, many years (and some cash payouts) to get here but, what with the restraining order from the Justice League and all, she’s here and calls CHS Stadium Home. Literally. She actually lives in her Super Hero bunker under section 115. Have no fear, Miss Adventure is here! Good luck! 

Ann has worked as an actor for 23 years with such amazing companies as McRooney Entertainment and Mystery Cafe. She enjoys playing Mrs. Claus in the winter and Miss Adventure in the summer. She and her husband, Chris, have two girls and live out in the far reaches of Minnesota in the quaint, yet nonexistent, village of East Bethel. 


Did you know the original Saint Paul Saints franchise from the 1890s moved to Chicago's South Side and eventually became the White Sox?  Did you know another team called the Saint Paul Saints played in the American Association from 1901 to 1960 and featured players like Roy Campanella, Duke Snider, and Gene Mauch?  No?  Well, Mitty Poutine does. Mitty knows all there is to know about local baseball lore.  Transported forward in time from baseball's mythic past (don't ask him how -- he's a ballplayer, not a scientist) Mitty loves to regale fans with stories from the grand old days of Twin Cities hardball history.

Which isn't too different from his alter-ego, Fred Cheng, a superfan of Minnesota baseball and all around "good egg" (Mitty's words).  When away from the ball park, Fred is an improviser with local troupes like The Theater of Public Policy and Stevie Ray's Comedy Cabaret.  He also dotes on his wife and kids and occasionally finds gainful employment as a teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools.

The Nerd 2015 copy.jpg

Kristoffer Olson is The Nerd...or maybe The Nerd is Kristoffer Olson.  Make all the jokes you want, it is obvious he is having a blast. For over a decade, Saints fans have been laughing at his awkward dance moves, joining his quirky baseball cheers, and asking if he is 'for real.'  You may also recognize him from the exercise fad sweeping eastern Lowertown, known as Nerdrobics.  

Kristoffer is no stranger to making people laugh  He also performs professionally as a comedian/magician and master of ceremonies for corporate banquets and non-profit events. His character in these shows is only slightly less nerdy.  See him perform at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair August 25th and 26th!  

For more information and videos, visit www.FriendsOfTheNerd.com and www.KristofferOlson.com

Nerdette 2015 copy.jpg

Hike up your glasses and your skorts 'cuz Nerdette is IN THE HOUSE! She's been known to decide you've become friends after making eye contact with her and for starting dance parties in unlikely places (including the stands): a lethal combo for the easily-embarrassed! Don't worry though: she's SURE to look more ridiculous than you, so just play along.  

After years of watching her real-life sweetie play "The Nerd" at the Saints, Erinn Liebhard was invited to play "Nerdette" for "Nerd Night" during the 2014 season. She was just so darn lovable that "Nerdette" was welcomed into the Entertainment Team! Erinn is a Twin Cities-based dance artist interested in the power of groove and play(fulness). She also loves to improvise, so her interests lend themselves well to being "Nerdette"! She is an active performer, choreographer and teacher, currently working with artists and organizations as varied as Contempo Physical Dance, Winona State University and the Cowles Center, and also serves as the Artistic Director of Rhythmically Speaking, an organization she co-founded to present new work in jazz and American vernacular dance. Erinn is grateful her career helps connect people to themselves and one another through groove, play and improvisation! erinnliebhard.com.

PigsEyePete2015 copy.jpg

Named for the real pig’s eye under his patch (won in a poker game— long story), PIG’S EYE PETE is the pirate St Paul needs. Sure he’s been many things… fur trapper, bootlegger, first resident of St Paul (true!), but his lust for gold and his arrrsenal of wit qualify him as the best pirate in the capital!  Watch for him marauding the concourse with his trusty pirate parrot, Arrthur. 

Kevin McLaughlin is an actor and artist based in the Twin Cities. He’s performed in everything from sketch comedy, musical theater, drama, and improvisation, to TV, film, singing telegrams, and training simulations. As a visual artist, he creates colorful and nuanced paintings, drawings & designs digitally. www.kevin-mclaughlin.com

Seigo 2015 copy.jpg

Seigo Masubuchi is the President of Japan Division of A Muse, Inc., communication and consulting firm focusing on the Japanese businesses. Since his arrival in Minnesota from Japan in 1990, Seigo, a native of Tokyo, has been helping many organizations and individuals to succeed dealing with the Japanese. One of such organizations is the Saint Paul Saints. Seigo, who wanted to "expose" the Saints phenomena to the Japanese, arranged an interview with Mike Veeck for Japanese media in 1995. Since then, Seigo had worked as a Japanese player and media coordinator/interpreter until he became the Director of International Development fourteen years ago and for the last nineteen years, an on-field entertainer. Seigo is our international Ambassador of Fun.

Seigo's other sports related business involvement include; worked as an coordinator/interpreter for the Minnesota Vikings Football team's pre season game in Japan in 1994; helped to relocate ex-Minnesota Twins baseball player Dan Gladden and his family to Japan. Gladden played for the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants; has worked as an agent/coordinator to promote the USA Cup Soccer Tournament, one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the world, at the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN to the Japanese.

TheShark2017 (1).jpg

The Shark is CHS Fields own con man, magician, and huckster. Where exactly he came from, and why he dresses the way he does, no one really knows. No need to worry however, as The Shark assures us his larcenous ways are in the past. The Shark re-appeared in 2017 with a new look and a crooked smirk. This snappy dresser can be found wandering the concourse with a deck of cards in hand ready to deceive and entertain. 

The Shark's alter ego is magician and actor Markus Clegg. Markus is originally from Illinois and has studied acting at SVSU, and Costume design at UNLV. When not at CHS field he can be found working for the Mystery Cafe, performing magic at private events around the Twin Cities, or loafing in his back yard attending to his expansive vegetable garden.


She's the divine swine, the diva of the diamond, the duchess of pork, she's St. Paul's own...MUDONNA!
Since her rookie year in 2003, Mudonna has become a well loved resident of St. Paul who adds a ton of fun with her bacon shaking antics at CHS Field. Mud, as she's affectionately known, loves to appear at birthday parties, parades, events and more. Based on the nature of the event, a small fee may apply. 

Mud wants to be the most famous pig in cyberspace! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and become her Facebook friend!

Full name:  Mudonna T Pig
Saints debut:  May 2003
Age:  A lady never tells
Weight:  How rude!
Position:  Center of attention
Throws: Occasional tantrums
Bats:  Her eyelashes
Catches: Colds

Have a question for the divine swine? Want an autographed baseball card? Drop her an email.