• Written about 41 minutes ago
    It's Stephen Colboar! #stpaulsaints #LastTrain http://t.co/oVlnnUTdMJ via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 67 minutes ago
    Hey @twins you're up 3-1, we're up 3-1 (top 4 for us), clearly dinner isn't your forte we are cool with just apps. Something light. via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 77 minutes ago
    EEEK, those 3 E's describe that inning b/c that's how many we committed 1-0 @canaries go to bottom 3 via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 89 minutes ago
    No score go to T3. Hey @twins since we both have afternoon games, maybe dinner afterwards. Wherever. I mean you pick uo the tab of course via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 95 minutes ago
    Claggett gives up a single, but @DCLaserShow2 guns out Chris Valencia and then he did this 0-0 bottom 2 http://t.co/Ii7Q6oZINW via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 102 minutes ago
    0-0 going to top 2. Sup @twins how's it going? Is it as nice over there as it is here. Good talk. via @StPaulSaints

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