• Written about 13 minutes ago
    Tie franchise record largest margin victory (16) 18-2 season high in runs & hits (20) now 49-16 AND 17-0-2 in series What more do you want? via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 34 minutes ago
    2-run HR Vinny DiFazio. 18-2, ties franchise & @AA_Baseball record with 5 runs in game. 4-5, 5 RBI, 5 runs. via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 57 minutes ago
    4 more runs lead 16-2 bottom 8. We would like to take 6 of these runs and transfer them to tomorrow's game at @FMRedHawks @AA_Baseball via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 62 minutes ago
    12-2 top 8. 2022 Winter Olympics goes to a city with no snow. It's like having World Cup in a place that's 120 degr...oh this is embarassing via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 80 minutes ago
    6 run inning!!!!!!!! Lead 12-1!!!!! B7!!!!! Nope all the excalamation points other teams use isn't as fun as we thought via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 3 hours ago
    Lead 6-1 T4. About an 11 hour bus ride following this. If someone can send a private jet for us that would be great. Thanks. via @StPaulSaints
Getting to CHS Field

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