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    We promise the last time we won a championship photos were in color despite our #tbt photo. 2004 wasn't THAT long ago http://t.co/uoPBLsCh9d via @StPaulSaints
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    Mark Your Calendars, Saints To Open CHS Field On May 21 http://t.co/8dIY8tWh4E via @StPaulSaints
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    Apple seems to "accidentally" reveal info on new products. Maybe we should do it w/our schedule. We have it. Need to wait until 12 tomorrow via @StPaulSaints
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    Reach base safely in 30 straight games in 1st pro season & you film commercials. @samueldmaus for @_HealthPartners http://t.co/gWWEBsvllH via @StPaulSaints
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    17 awesome Bill Murray themed products!!--->http://t.co/0BciMBjC5I via @StPaulSaints
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    Breathtaking RT @michaelj8: The grass is greener in Lowertown. Flying over the @StPaulSaints ballpark construction http://t.co/ZU2PzwgtZt via @StPaulSaints

Mark Your Calendars, Saints To Open CHS Field On May 21

October 29, 2014

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, SAINTS TO OPEN CHS FIELD ON MAY 21 ST. PAUL, MN (October 29, 2014) – Same quirky team.

American Association Adopts Extra Inning Tie-Break Rule For 2015

October 14, 2014

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION ADOPTS EXTRA INNING TIE-BREAK RULE FOR 2015 ST. PAUL, MN (October 14, 2014) – The St. Paul Saints made history in 2014 becoming the first team to win an extra inning game played under new rules adopted by the Can-Am League when the team traveled east for 10 days.

Saints Receive Bounty From American Association/Can-Am Teams As Four Different Trades Are Completed

September 18, 2014

SAINTS RECEIVE BOUNTY FROM AMERICAN ASSOCIATION/CAN-AM TEAMS AS FOUR DIFFERENT TRADES ARE COMPLETED ST. PAUL, MN (September 18, 2014) – The St. Paul Saints giveth during the season and now they shall taketh away.

CHS Field Is New Home For St. Paul Saints

September 08, 2014

CHS FIELD IS NEW HOME FOR ST. PAUL SAINTS ST. PAUL, MINN. (Sept. 8, 2014) – Without agriculture there is no baseball. One beef hide provides enough material for 144 baseballs.

Saints Drop Season Finale In Slugfest 12-10

September 01, 2014

SAINTS DROP SEASON FINALE IN SLUGFEST 12-10 KANSAS CITY, KS (September 1, 2014) – It was a slugfest in the finale of the 2014 season, but the St. Paul Saints finished on the short end losing 12-10 to the Kansas City T-Bones at CommunityAmerica Ballpark on Monday afternoon and closed the season with six straight losses.

Saints Lose Resumed Game 8-6 On Walk-Off Homer In Ninth

September 01, 2014

SAINTS LOSE RESUMED GAME 8-6 ON WALK-OFF HOMER IN NINTH KANSAS CITY, KS (September 1, 2014) – After getting washed out in the bottom of the ninth inning with the St. Paul Saints leading 6-5 they were hoping when the game resumed it would be as easy as 1-2-3.

Saints and T-Bones Suspended In Bottom Of Ninth With Saints Leading 6-5

August 31, 2014

SAINTS AND T-BONES SUSPENDED IN BOTTOM OF NINTH WITH SAINTS LEADING 6-5 KANSAS CITY, KS (August 31, 2014) – There is something about the St. Paul Saints and rain in Kansas City.

Saints Lose On Walk-Off Homer 5-2

August 31, 2014

SAINTS LOSE ON WALK-OFF HOMER 5-2 KANSAS CITY, KS (August 30, 2014) – St. Paul Saints starter Nick Barnese had allowed just two home runs all season.

Saints Fall Below .500 For First Time This Season In 9-4 Loss In Game Two of Resumed Doubleheader

August 30, 2014

SAINTS FALL BELOW .500 FOR FIRST TIME THIS SEASON IN 9-4 LOSS IN GAME TWO OF RESUMED DOUBLEHEADER KANSAS CITY, KS (August 30, 2014) – Rain halted play after a half inning in game two of the doubleheader between the St. Paul Saints and Kansas City T-Bones on Thursday.

Second Game Of Doubleheader Postponed Due To Rain, Two Games Saturday

August 29, 2014

SECOND GAME OF DOUBLEHEADER POSTPONED DUE TO RAIN, TWO GAMES SATURDAY KANSAS CITY, KS (August 29, 2014) – The St. Paul Saints and Kansas City T-Bones were delayed in game one of their double header for an hour and 51 minutes with two outs in the seventh.

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