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    You better believe she is. She's the best! RT @mntwinssisters: @BitzyBetsy Are you going to take pictures for the Saints again this year? via @StPaulSaints
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    VOTE NOW: (16) Are You Smarter Than Your Parent? vs. (8) Peanut Toss. http://t.co/9rXsHbnFiR http://t.co/I24UbtXZkF via @StPaulSaints
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    No Ivy With This Signing, Saints Grab Power Hitter Wrigley http://t.co/uxU1wJ9Rh9 via @StPaulSaints
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    VOTE NOW: (10) Call in Sick Day vs. (2) AINTS. Which promotion is your favorite? http://t.co/OnuRkCs6U3 http://t.co/sPRlfJJKth via @StPaulSaints
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    Just a few days until the #StPaulSaints 5K. If you don't like to run sign up for the Zer0K. You can do it here: http://t.co/hGCmy6HqwI via @StPaulSaints
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    The bigger story would be getting John Lennon RT @p_oshan: When will the @StPaulSaints announce Ringo is playing at their new ballpark? via @StPaulSaints

No Ivy With This Signing, Saints Grab Power Hitter Wrigley

April 22, 2014

NO IVY WITH THIS SIGNING, SAINTS GRAB POWER HITTER WRIGLEY ST. PAUL, MN (April 22, 2014) – Good things come to those who wait. The St. Paul Saints stockpiled their pitching staff early on during the off-season.

Saints Put On A Race For the Active Runner and Couch Potato With the Annual Running of the Pigs 5K/Zer0K

April 18, 2014

SAINTS PUT ON A RACE FOR THE ACTIVE RUNNER AND COUCH POTATO WITH THE ANNUAL RUNNING OF THE PIGS 5K/ZER0K ST. PAUL, MN (April 18, 2014) – It is often imitated, but never duplicated. There are those that erroneously feel they have the world’s shortest race.

Saints Singing A Sweet Tune With Signing of Power Bat Angelo Songco

April 17, 2014

SAINTS SINGING A SWEET TUNE WITH SIGNING OF POWER BAT ANGELO SONGCO ST. PAUL, MN (April 17, 2014) – The St. Paul Saints found the big bat they were looking for adding to an already formidable heart of the lineup with Brandon Tripp and Evan Bigley.

Laughs and Nostalgia Highlight Saints 2014 Promotions Schedule

April 14, 2014

LAUGHS AND NOSTALGIA HIGHLIGHT SAINTS 2014 PROMOTIONS SCHEDULE ST. PAUL, MN (April 14, 2014) – This may be the Last Train to Midway, but the St. Paul Saints have not lost their edge. There will be plenty of hilarious promotions (perms on the berm), annual staples (St. Patrick’s Day in July) and surprises (final game promotion?).

Saints Hit The Trifecta, Sign Infielder, Outfielder and Pitcher

April 04, 2014

SAINTS HIT THE TRIFECTA, SIGN INFIELDER, OUTFIELDER AND PITCHER ST. PAUL, MN (April 4, 2014) – With a little more than four weeks before players report the St. Paul Saints roster is starting to fill out.

Saints To Host Three-Way At Midway, XXXhibition Game

April 01, 2014

SAINTS TO HOST THREE-WAY AT MIDWAY, XXXHIBITION GAME ST. PAUL, MN (April 1, 2014) – Is three really a crowd? Of course not, because it’s okay when it’s in a three-way.

Saints Not Going Out Like A Lamb, Sign Hurler R.J. Seidel

March 31, 2014

SAINTS NOT GOING OUT LIKE A LAMB, SIGN HURLER R.J. SEIDEL ST. PAUL, MN (March 31, 2014) – After finishing 10th out of 13 teams in the American Association in ERA last season, manager George Tsamis is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

He's No Joe the Plumber, Saints Sign Cretin-Derham Hall Grad Bonfe

March 26, 2014

HE'S NO JOE THE PLUMBER, SAINTS SIGN CRETIN-DERHAM HALL GRAD BONFE ST. PAUL, MN (March 26, 2014) – Now it’s time for the St. Paul Saints to turn their attention to the offense.

Your Chance To Play For the Saints, Tryouts May 1

March 26, 2014

YOUR CHANCE TO PLAY FOR THE SAINTS, TRYOUTS MAY 1 ST. PAUL, MN (March 26, 2014) – Kids of all ages dream of one day stepping to the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the bases loaded and smacking a full count pitch over the wall to win a championship.

How Romantic, Saints To Host Tinder Loving Care Night

March 25, 2014

HOW ROMANTIC, SAINTS TO HOST TINDER LOVING CARE NIGHT ST. PAUL, MN (March 25, 2014) – Those looking for love can find it with just a click of a button these days.

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