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Getting to CHS Field

Beat The Heat at Midway This Week

ST. PAUL, MN July 4, 2012

Beat The Heat at Midway This Week

July 04, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Fans are allowed, and encouraged to bring their own super soakers to the games. We will also have many tented areas and a misting tent.

We will be allowing water bottles in the ballpark as well as providing water stations with free water from our Gatorade coolers. Below is a list of shaded/misting areas.

  • Twigs Place - deck area on the first base side of the park. This will have multiple umbrellas up
  • Hardball Cafe - This is a big blue and white tented area behind Left Field General Admission, it also has picnic tables available
  • Midway Grill - This is a big red and white tented area behind Left Field Reserved 3. This will be our MISTING STATION, feel free to step in and cool off for a bit.
  • Bring your own super soakers - Feel free to bring your own water guns or other means of keeping cool.