Getting to CHS Field

The Colboar Bump, Saints Introduce Their New Four-Legged Mascot

ST. PAUL, MN May 14, 2014



ST. PAUL, MN (May 14, 2014) – The Nation is coming to Midway Stadium this season and the WØRD of the day is Stephen Colboar.  The Saints were looking for a humorous name that Minnesotan’s could gravitate towards (Johnny Hamziel), but sometimes a great idea on paper doesn’t pan out (Bic Underwear).  The Saints wanted a pig name with some pizzaz (Teddy Bridgewiener) and who better than one of the most revered people in the comedy world (the Magic Hour).  After much politicking and debate the long list was narrowed down (ranked choice voting) and after 45 minutes it was decided.  The new four-legged mascot for the St. Paul Saints (circus on steroids) is none other than Stephen Colboar.


            With Colboar taking over the four-legged mascot duties All You Need to Know is it’s going to be a Late Night.  All the pre-game jokes and skits may be a little more conservative this season, but Formidable Opponents believe the Saints will continue with their wacky antics with the four-legged swine.  The truthiness of the situation is Colboar will deliver baseballs to the umpire and follow in the footsteps of many great pigs before him.


            Many former Saints mascots will be out on opening day in a show of solidarity as part of the Colboar Super Pac.  Fans will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious pieces of Ham Rove, the advisor and chief strategist of the famed Super Pac who met an untimely demise.


            Da Colboar Code establishes how the Saints got to their 2014 pig name through names they elected not to go with.  Alex Hogriguez…G.O.A.T (greatest oinker all time)…Baconcé…Kristen Piig…YOMO (You Only Mascot Once)…Boar Squealpig, Baconball Commissioner…Stephen Colboar.


The TV personality and the cute four-legged swine share many things in common, but the biggest is they were both born on the same day, 50 years apart.  Colbert was born on May 13, 1964 while Colboar was born on May 13, 2014.

The Saints revealed the names at the World’s Largest Game of Catch Wednesday in downtown St. Paul. The name was selected out of over 1,200 entries in the Name the Pig Contest conducted presented by the Minnesota Lottery in conjunction with the St. Paul Pioneer Press at  The winning entry was submitted by Paul Teufer of Woodbury, MN.  He receives a prize pack from the Saints, along with being honored at a Saints game during the season-opening homestand May 15-18. 


During the previous 21 seasons the Saints have had a pig mascot and each has had a unique name.  Many of the names play on hot topics of the year, current events or local celebrities.  In 2012 the Saints had two mascots for the first time: Kim Lardashian and Kris Hamphries.  Past names have included last season’s Mackleboar, Brat Favre (2010), Slumhog Millionaire (2009), Boarack Ohama (2008), Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls (2003) and Kevin Bacon (2001).


           When the Saints moved to town in 1992, their sister team in Fort Myers was having great success with a live Golden Retriever mascot and the Saints wanted to capitalize on that success. Libby Veeck, the wife of Saints owner and President Mike Veeck, came across an interesting tidbit in a book she was reading and discovered St. Paul was known as “Pig’s Eye” after Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant.  Thus, the pig mascot was born.


            Since 1993 the Saints have received the pig from Dennis and Marilyn Hauth who handle, train, design costumes and house the pigs.


Stephen Colboar made his first public appearance Wednesday and will make his first Midway Stadium appearance at the team’s home opener on Thursday, May 15 for the Saints 7:05 p.m. game against the Gary SouthShore Railcats.  Tickets for all Saints regular season home games are available in person at the Saints Box Office, by phone at 651-644-6659 or online at  Tickets for Saints regular season home games are $6 for general admission, $9 for outfield reserved and $14 for infield reserved.  Tickets purchased on the Day of the Game are an additional $2 per ticket.  Tickets to the July 3 and August 28 Fireworks Super Show are an additional $3.  Children under the age of 14 and seniors 65 and older receive $1 off the admission price.  Children under 2 that don't require a seat are free.  Tickets are available by contacting the Saints ticket office at 651-644-6659 or visiting