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Healing Hands, Saints Masseuse Sister Roz to Parachute Out of Plane With Aging But Dangerous Group

ST. PAUL, MN August 4, 2014



*Sister Rosalind says she's "excited to jump" -- and inevitably become the real Flying Nun


TWIN CTIES – August 4, 2014 -- After playing a pioneering role in mainstreaming therapeutic massage over the past 40 years -- including 21 years as the official masseuse of the St. Paul Saints -- Sister Rosalind Gefre is about to become the unofficial Flying Nun when she parachutes out of an airplane. The legendary masseuse will join the national community of women 50-plus who belong to Aging But DANGEROUS for the group's Fifth Annual Martini Skydive at Westside Skydivers in Winsted, Minnesota (3234 230th Street, Winsted, MN., 55395) from noon till …..


"I'm excited to jump!," says the 84-year-old Catholic nun, who belongs to the order of the Carondelet Sisters of St. Joseph in St. Paul.  "I get along very well with the Aging But DANGEROUS founders, and I really like their message for women about aging. They're so alive!" The cost for this lifetime experience is $220, with family, friend and supporters free.


Telling Facts about Women and Aging:


  • ·         50-plus American women are the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history. -( Demographics by Mark Miller)
  • ·         Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth.( MassMutual Financial Group–2007 )


The annual Martini Jump (women get a martini when they land) will donate a percentage of the proceeds to a women's home for tortured and abused women run by the Sisters of St Joseph. Besides hosting what for many women from 50 to their ''80s is a bucket list item -- a skydive designed to help women move beyond all their fears as they get older -- Aging But DANGEROUS promotes many practical lifestyle events and ongoing programs like "The 20 Pound Club" (weight loss), financial planning, health, beauty and fashion. Plus founders Jean Ketcham and C. Suzanne Bates host their own ABD weekly radio show, "SIZZLE," over KLLB 1220 AM).


The Aging But DANGEROUS organization and its founders were recently the lead in the section about the Twin Cities for a special Time magazine quarterly "bookazine" currently on newsstands called, Healthiest Places to Live: Lessons from the top spots for fitness, nutrition and aging well.


"Aging But DANGEROUS events are a colorful indicator of what makes the Minneapolis St. Paul area an unusually good place to grow older," writes former Pioneer Press Business Editor, Dave Beal in the article.


"We beat out Garrison Keillor and Mayo Clinic for the lead in the story!," beams Ketcham who will be making her fifth jump in August with Sister Rosalind. "We hope other women will join us this year that want to make this life-changing leap of faith."


"We are looking forward to jumping with this highly influential woman who has helped thousands of people over the years with her massage practice," adds Bates, who will handle things on the ground. "Rosalind embodies all the characteristics  that we strive for as women in Aging But DANGEROUS:  She's a strong, spiritual  woman, very entrepreneurial -- and successful -- willing to try new things and very dedicated to her order. We're fortunate to have her join us."


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Sister Rosalind is the founder of Sister Rosalind’s Massage and Wellness Centers. A popular attraction with the St. Paul Saints baseball team, she can be seen giving massages at every game. She has been featured on television, in newspapers and magazines, and has given hundreds of speeches to groups. Known for her warmth, her caring, and her expression of God’s love through healing touch, her massage schools and clinics are based upon Christian principles. The mission is to promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit through touch.  You can read more about Sister Rosalind and her story, in her biography, “Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal.” Sister Rosalind’s journey is an amazing one. She was a poor German speaking girl in Strasburg, North Dakota, who became a Nun, an LPN, and a business owner, all while following the call of her heart to spread God’s message.






Aging But DANGEROUS inspires, empowers and challenges women over 50 to self-fulfill, self-actualize and live their lives to the absolute fullest. It sponsors membership activities and benefits, a weight management club, special events, group travel, a weekly radio broadcast and a blog written just for women 50-plus.  When its founders, Jean Ketcham and C. Suzanne Bates aren't organizing skydives, the world's largest colonoscopy party, or any number of DANGEROUSundertakings, they often speak at special events on topics of interest to those who are excited about women's prime-time years, when women have more freedom and wisdom to try new things and expand beyond their wildest dreams.