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Getting to CHS Field

HealthPartners yumPower Gives Out Free Corn To Saints Fans

ST. PAUL, MN August 20, 2012

HealthPartners yumPower Gives Out Free Corn To Saints Fans

August 20, 2012 at 12:21 PM

ST. PAUL, MN (August 20, 2012) – This isn’t your typical ballpark giveaway of hats, bats or bobbleheads. On Friday, Aug. 24, the St. Paul Saints and HealthPartners yumPower will give hundreds of fans a chance to take home their prize – ears of corn – and eat it.


“The Saints are known for unique promotions and we feel the HealthPartners yumPower “Eat your Sweets” corn giveaway is a perfect example of that with a healthy twist,” said Derek Sharrer, Executive Vice President/General Manager of the St. Paul Saints.


Fans will be encouraged to “Eat your Sweets” as HealthPartners volunteers hand out 500 bags containing four ears of raw corn each. The giveaway, designed to promote better-for-you eating in the community, is taking place in the Midway Stadium parking lot before the Saints’ home game. There will also be T-shirt giveaways, a bean bag toss for tailgaters, yumPower food stand coupons and a corn shucking contest.


The “Eat your Sweets” giveaway is the latest example of how HealthPartners yumPower and the St. Paul Saints are collaborating to encourage people to eat better. Earlier this summer the St. Paul Saints introduced the HealthPartners yumPower food stand, which offers delicious and nutritious alternatives to ballpark fare with items such as corn on the cob, fresh strawberries and grilled asparagus.


The choices offered at the yumPower food stand are significantly healthier than traditional ballpark food. A 10 ounce helping of strawberries from the food stand is less than 100 calories while a hotdog and bun has 470 calories. And 10 ounces of carrots contains 116 calories compared to nachos with cheese, which has a whopping 1,100 calories.


Located inside Midway Stadium near the kids and family section, the food stand is just another way HealthPartners yumPower is trying to get the community to eat better and combat obesity. One-third of adults and nearly one-fifth of children in the United States are obese, according to the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.


“A meal, a drink and a seventh inning stretch snack can easily add up to your total daily budget of calories and two days of fat,” said Heidi Schmidt, registered dietician and health coach at HealthPartners. “But the HealthPartners yumPower stand allows fans to enjoy a Saints game without piling on the calories.”


The menu offers an array of fruits and vegetables: Asparagus, carrots, celery, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are available for $5; corn on the cob is $3.50; and edamame is $2.50.






About yumPower

HealthPartners yumPower is all about finding tasty, good-for-you foods that power your body and help you live the best life possible. After all, when you eat better, you feel better and the benefits of healthy eating go beyond losing weight. Healthy foods give you the nutrients you need, increase your energy, help you handle stress and prevent a variety of health problems. HealthPartners yumPower makes it easy to find healthy foods that are full of flavor and fun.


About St. Paul Saints

The St. Paul Saints are an Independent Minor League organization that has been promoting fun for 20 seasons.  Known for their wacky antics and crazy promotions they have garnered national attention on CNN, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Today Show and newspapers across the country.  The Saints have a live four-legged pig deliver baseballs to umpires, a nun that gives massages to fans and a fan that hangs from a billboard during every game.  Saints baseball is all about affordable family fun.