Getting to CHS Field

Oh Crap! More Saints Promotions During June 17-19 Homestand

ST. PAUL, MN June 13, 2013

ST. PAUL, MN (June 13, 2013) – The recent reports of horse manure under Midway Stadium can mean only one thing for the upcoming homestand: TOILET PAPER.  Don’t worry it’s not all BM jokes for the Saints as we show a little class fit for the Royal Family, but it wouldn’t be the Saints if we didn’t throw a party for ourselves.  The homestand may last just three games, but we will come out smelling like roses.


            The Winnipeg Goldeyes come into town for the June 17-19 homestand and it all gets started on Monday night, June 17 at 7:05 p.m. with our Toilet Paper Drive presented by Innovative Office Solutions.  While it is common in America to use 2-ply or 3-ply, 70-75% of the world doesn’t use it.  The average roll of toilet paper lasts approximately five days in a household and we use 8-9 sheets of paper per toilet use.  We don’t recommend being like 7% of the world who steal toilet paper from hotels, but what we’d like is for our fans to bring toilet paper to the game, so we can donate it to Second Harvest Heartland.  Feel free to save some of the TP for your own use, to clean up any spills during our Buck Beer Night.


            Last year was our 20th season, but this is our 20th Anniversary season and we celebrate it on June 18 at 7:05 p.m.  While the traditional 20th anniversary gift is China, the more modern approach is platinum.  Whether you want to bring us a fancy tea set, vase or even a trip to China we’d also gladly accept a coin collection, cufflinks or platinum home accessories.  We won’t turn away your gifts, but chances are we will be generous on this night and honor our fans for helping us reach our 20th Anniversary.  If you bring a fine china dish set feel free to use it at our Food Truck Tuesday event.  Enjoy the great tastes of AZ Canteen, Messy Giussepe and Bacon Trolley.  Following the game the fantastic singing duo of the twin sisters Megan & Liz will rock Midway Stadium with a post-game concert presented by 101.3 KDWB.


            All this talk of elegant gifts means a seamless transition to the final game of the homestand on June 19 at 7:05 p.m. as we play The Game of Thrones across the pond and across the river as we attempt to guess the name of the royal baby.  While there are 10-1 odds the baby will be born on July 13 we’re getting an early jump on the festivities.  Will the name be something elegant like Angelica or Constantine or something more unique like Sage Moonblood or Apple.  Fantasy meets reality as fans compete for the ultimate supremacy of their section to be crowned King and Queen of the ballpark.  The Twin Cities very own royal couple, Joe Mauer and his lovely wife Maddie, will be expecting their own twins this season and the Saints will ask fans to submit names via Facebook and Twitter for the new dynamic duo.  Join us for the craziest tailgate party of the year on Walser Wednesday with free hot dogs before the game.


            It’s only three games long, but we’ve got everything covered.  The Saints will never turn their backs on a good poop joke, but donating to those less fortunate is no laughing matter.  We know how to show a touch of class as we set the table with some of our finest China.  Come celebrate our Anniversary as things are heating up at Midway Stadium in the month of June.