• Written about 71 minutes ago
    What do players do on getaway day on road? They are kids at heart @robcoe10 & Jeff Shields playing games & winning http://t.co/CXwYDcpGE4 via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 16 hours ago
    Saints Bring The Noise In 10-1 Win Over Thunderheads http://t.co/QYkIf6QTXo via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 18 hours ago
    Speed kills. Harris steals 2nd Nikorak scores from 3rd on throwing error by catcher. 7-1 lead bottom 6. via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 19 hours ago
    Three more in the 2nd. At this pace we'll score 27 runs and be here for 5 hours and 14 minutes. I'd say it's worth it. via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 19 hours ago
    Big 1st, RBI 1B Maus, RBI 1B gac, RBI 1B paciorek. Team effort. 3-0 lead top 2 via @StPaulSaints
  • Written about 22 hours ago
    Our starting lineup in game 2 of 3 game series at 7:05 p.m. or 11 a.m. or 11:30 p.m. Does sarcasm translate on here? http://t.co/1hw9pPceXb via @StPaulSaints
Getting to CHS Field